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The floor that the soiled carpet covered needs

The floor that the soiled carpet covered needs to be cleaned and disinfected as well.Water damaged carpet is one of the hardest items to salvage after flooding.

If the carpet is flooded with sanitary water there is a good chance that it can be salvaged. The carpet should be removed with caution. The carpet should be taken up and the padding will need to be thrown away.

Carpet damaged with slightly dirty water such as dishwasher overflows, dirty water from cleaning, or toilet water overflows containing urine may be salvageable. The people who remove it should be wearing protective clothing to prevent contamination from the black water.

If the carpet has been damaged by black water it should be discarded right away. Once this water seeps into the fibers of the carpet it is extremely difficult to remove. After the floor has completely dried new padding should be put down and the carpet reinstalled.
. Some professionals may be able to clean and dry out the carpet without having to remove it. Black water is any water that has raw sewage in it. It is important to safeguard the health of your family and carpet that is inundated with filthy water is definitely a health hazard. Before making the decision to salvage a water damaged carpet several factors should be considered. Therefore, carpet damaged by black water should always be discarded. This water can contain bacteria and germs that can cause serious hazards to one’s health. It is very susceptible to holding bacteria and germs and developing mold and mildew which can be hazardous health risks. If the carpet is going to be salvaged it has to be done quickly. The carpet should then be dried completely using direct sun or fans and dehumidifiers. It is also necessary to consider whether the water soaking the carpet is clean, slightly dirty, or contaminated with raw sewage. The carpet needs to have as much water as possible extracted as soon as it has been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.

Carpet which was flooded with clean water has the best chance of restoration. The carpet on to be cleaned with disinfectants right away to prevent the dirty water from becoming black water as the bacteria in the fibers becomes more dangerous the longer it soaks in the carpet. Mold and mildew grow very quickly when carpet is contaminated with black water. If the carpet is old it may be better just to discard it and start over with new carpet, Conversely if the carpet is new it may be more cost effective to try and save it. The carpet should be cleaned and dried in a timely fashion to avoid the possibility of mold growth. Otherwise the carpet should be removed quickly and the padding discarded. After the floor under the carpet has thoroughly dried, new padding should be laid and the carpet reinstalled. If there is any doubt as to how badly contaminated the water soaking a carpet is, it is probably wise to discard the carpet and buy new carpet. The strong disinfectants which might kill the germs, such as bleach, will damage the carpet and anything less powerful will not sanitize the carpet

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