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Here are some of the instructions to

Here are some of the instructions to clean your flooded basement.


3. Moreover, if your electric panel is situated in the flooded basement area then you can’t use an electric sump pump and you will need a pump driven on a 12-volt auto battery or a gasoline pump. You must never switch on any of the wet electric appliances as they may lead to overheat or an electric shock or start a fire. Also, you must open all windows and doors, so that moisture can flow out. Pumping water out: when and how?

You must pump the water out of the flooded basement only when most of the water outside the walls of the basement has gone down which will prevent the basement walls from pushing in and the floors from heaving.

2. Cleaning of basement. Rinsing masonry foundation walls and concrete walls with a high pressure hose will help you in removing the dirt and silt stains.


Flooded basement must be dried quickly to avoid or minimize growth of mold and wood decay. While you are using the bleach solution you must open all the windows and should also place a dry charcoal lump in an open metal/tin container to absorb the odor. Mop, wash and dry, walls and concrete floors with a solution containing 3 to four cups of bleach and one gallon water.

Following the above said methods, you be able to clean your flooded basement quickly and at the same time efficiently.
. So, you must be thinking of the best ways to clean the flooded basement. Though, the water in the basement area causes no damage or very little damage to the structure of the building as it braces the walls of the basements against the outside pressure of the water and waterlogged soil, but this water is a mess for you. If then also stain remains on the walls, then scrub them with household detergent and a stiff bristle brush.

Mud must be shoveled from the flooded basement after all the water has been pumped out or drained to allow the walls and the floors to dry. Also, you must pump the water out at the same speed of the receding flood water.

Water must be pumped out if the flood water level outside the basement is lower than the water level inside the flooded basement and pumping must be stopped as soon as both the levels become equal.Basements often get flooded with water, either from surface or from sewage lines backflow or from leakage through walls. Avoiding shock hazards

You must be very careful in using any of the electric appliances in your house if your basement is flooded. Also, if your basement has no drain and is full of water then you have to rent or buy a sump pump to drain water from the basement. Removing odors

If the flooded basement ventilation is not enough to remove the odors then you must adopt following steps. You can also rent or buy a dehumidifier or fan to quickly dry the basement

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