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As much as possible have your downspout

As much as possible have your downspout drain a few feet away from your home. Spending some time to do this will go a long way and will save one from unnecessary expenses.

Basement windows should be free from any damages. Downspouts, just like gutters, should also be free from leaves and other debris that could hinder the smooth flow of water. Oftentimes, people are confronted with a flooded basement without them knowing how it came to be. Make sure that frames holding the window are free from any rust. Make sure also that it is working properly as any water not flowing properly through the gutter can cause a flooded basement.

Although sump pumps are originally designed to help drain water from a flooded basement, it could give more headaches if it is not properly installed. Look for formation of water puddles.

A flooded basement is something that one does not have to worry about so long as proper monitoring is done. Potted plants, especially those placed near basement windows, should have plastic liners that could catch water. This can help ensure that water does not end up inside your basement. It could also be brought about by sewer backups or having a garden that can hold a lot of water. Furniture should be elevated so that they would not suffer major damage if your basement becomes flooded.

So what is the best thing to do when dealing with a flooded basement?

Regularly check your basements for any signs of water damage. This allows you to act even before a flood occurs in your basement.

Keep your gutter free from any debris that could cause water build-up. Look also for water stains as these are also signs of leaking pipes. These areas should be filled in with soil.

As much as possible, do not put much wooden furniture, important documents, and carpets on your basement.

Walls should also be checked for any cracks which could let water in. This could cause water to backflow into your basement instead of out into the open.

Flooded basement can be caused by several factors such as water seeping in through walls, floors and even windows.

If your house has a yard, make sure that is free from any water build-up. Saturation pockets on your walls could be indicative of busted pipes and should be checked immediately.

If your house has block walls, make sure that it has a waterproof coating. It could also be caused by improperly installed sump pumps, clogged gutters as well as malfunctioning drains.When checking for water damages in a house, it is usually the basement that does not get much attention. If your basement becomes flooded, these are the things which could give you the biggest headache and be a major threat to your health. These should be caulked immediately. Keep in mind that any water that gets through your walls and floor could end up on your basement. This helps prevent water seepage and saves you from worrying about flooded basement

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